YouTube Channels

I had begun my journey of Origami by learning through YouTube. This is indeed the best way to start learning Origami as there is humongous content available on it and it is fairly simple to follow the instructions in the videos. The best thing about YouTube is that you can go on at your own pace, pause the video whenever you want to and play it faster if you need to. There are many channels on YouTube that are quite amazing but here I give a few links to some of my most favorite channels which I generally use to learn new things.

Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials

This channel actually shows diagrams at the top right corner so it also helps you to learn the language of origami which are diagrams. – enjoy origami online

Sara has lots of different models and tips for Origami Enthusiasts on her channel and it is really easy to follow her simple instructions.


Jeremy Shafer Origami

Jeremy Shafer has been one of my most favorite Origamist as his designs are really fun, easy to fold and are equally engaging for everyone.

Paper Kawaii – Origami Tutorials

Chrissy has tutorials for a lot of origami articles on her channel like animals, boxes, bows, flowers, envelopes, stars, hearts, decorations & more!

Origami Spirit

Leyla Torres shares origami for adults as a vehicle for cultivating the creative spirit while fostering a sense of inner calm and play in their daily lives.

Tej Origami

This is my own Channel. I dont have much content currently on my channel but I can assure that I would provide really good content as soon as I can.

Tadashi Mori

Tadashi Mori shows how to make unique origami pieces that he has designed and other popular origami artists like Kade Chan, Naomiki Sato, Robert Lang, etc…


Grant is really an avid folder and experienced too. I find the best tips on his channel and he has a lot more than tutorials on his channel like memes, reviews, etc.


Boice has a wide range of tutorials and tips on his channel for Origami as well as he shares how to read crease patterns which is a new language of Origami

An Average Origamist

Ryan has a very unique way of sharing Origami which is he explains out loud. I have learnt many things from his channel and that too very simply.


Video tutorials are at one point limited to number of models and time. And learning Origami from diagrams is a good habit to get into as there is a lot of Origami models stored in the form of Diagrams. And also as you practice Origami you will face problems which you can find answers to in articles or blogs Origamists write. Here I have given some of my favorite websites which have a lot of resources available on them.


OrigamiUSA – This web site is the American national society devoted to origami. There is a lot of content available on the website and also information regarding artists, competitions, conventions, papers, books etc are also available there…

British Origami Society – British Origami Society is also a huge Origami society. You can find a lot of stuff on their website from latest news in Origami World to diagrams for the oldest of models…

Origami Resource Center – You can find instructions to fold a lot of models on this website and there are many other resources as well on their website…

Gilad’s Origami Page – There are a lot of resources available on Gilad’s website like Book Reviews, Articles, Database, Diagrams and much more…

Happy Folding – Sara Adams has a lot of things on her website like she writes posts for new Origami beginners, paper and book reviews and you can also find her video tutorials on her website…

Robert Lang – Robert Lang has really amazing content on his website. You can view his amazing Origami Models, read the books and articles he writes and explore much more on his website…