Pangolin by Ēric Joisel (Folded by me)

I come from a middle class family and we are 4 people in our house; Me, my elder brother and my parents. I study in a government school in the state capital, Gandhinagar of Gujarat state. I am both an introvert as well as extrovert.  

I feel that I have a calm and cool nature. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I have been to many places in India to teach Origami. I also play sports like badminton, swimming, skating, football.

People tell me that I am more responsible and mature than most of the people my age. And for that reason I am given different duties like I am the Vice Captain of my house in school. I can easily mingle with people of different ages varying from infants to elders. I especially love playing with small children and I find my greatest pleasure in their smile. 

I am always open for exploring new things and YouTube has provided me a great aid in learning and exploring new gadgets and tools. I have grown up learning and following YouTube Channels like Jeremy Shafer, Jo Nakashima, Paper Kawaii, VAT19, Unbox Therapy, etc.

I have a keen interest in Geometry, Robotics, Graphic Designing,  and Mechanics. I love fabrication and working with tools like laser cutter, 3D Printer, 3D plotter, Moulding/Casting, etc. I love designing and fabricating things for the sake of fun and utility. 

I have acquired qualities like patience, focus, precision, perseverance, endurance practicing Origami over the years. And for that, I am indebted to Origami.

Origami has been a huge part of my life. Initially, Origami was just a fun activity for me and I used to learn from YouTube Tutorials. I was quite fascinated by a model named Magic Ball (Yuri Shumakov) at that time but was quite not able to make it. Luckily I got to know about a Japan Festival (AMA) happening near me and there I got to know a lot of people who became mentors for me later on. I was able to complete the magic ball at that event itself. And there I got to know about true Origami and its history in a session taken up by Narendra Pandya, who later on became my origami mentor.

Afterwards, I got to know about more people doing Origami in India and some who have even taken up Origami as a profession. I was quite fascinated and amazed that one could also take up Origami as a profession. Gradually I met Origami veterans like Kamlesh Gandhi, Naren Shah, Mona Shodhan and interestingly most of my mentors were above the age of 60. 

From them I learned about Origami groups in India like Origami Mitra in Mumbai and Pune. There I came across many complex origami models for the first time and the possibilities of Origami. I got very much attracted to the maths and applications of Origami. 

Later on I got many opportunities to teach Origami at many different schools and colleges. Teaching Origami gave me a different sort of fulfilment and positive energy which motivated me to do more and more Origami. I got to participate in some events where I got to showcase Origami and its applications and furthermore I was facilitated in some events. Slowly I started getting invitations from places to go and teach Origami. At that point I thought that yes, Origami is truly an important part of my life and my bond with Origami strengthened. 

I got to be a part of MakerSpace near my home which is run by Encube Labs. I have a mentor named Dhruv Saidava over there who motivated me to learn about robotics and fabrication, and after learning those I started bringing the Origami touch to it and I explored Origami with robotics and different materials. He inspired me for design thinking and connecting with all the people and associations connected to Origami throughout the world.

So I went to a college in my city and showed my origami creations, which fascinated them a lot and I got an amazing opportunity to learn more about maths connected to Origami under Prof. Manish Jain. Furthermore, they also nominated me to go to an Origami Architecture Workshop taken up by Ankon Mitra, where I got to explore Origami with many new materials and techniques. 

I am blessed to have got a great exposure of Origami in my life so far. And it can be easily summed up that now origami has become not only an important but also an integral part of my life : Now, whenever I am given a problem statement I have a thinking method which is deeply connected with Origami.